Friday, February 06, 2009

We finally have rain and our sad old wooden fence blew down.
The year has begun with a lot of new projects. I am receiving a Sock of the Month from Joslyn's Fiber Farms again. Love the yarn and the patterns are interesting. Just finished the December Harlequin Socks. 

I am also working on EZ Fans which works from Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Knitters Almanac" with a different project for each month of the year. 
I started an Aran sweater (January) but it has been put aside temporarily while I tackled the February Square Blanket. I made a small one just to try it out and I love the pattern. May try it again in a larger version.

I tried a crochet afghan for Warren Parker, our newest great grandson, but I am not sure I like it for him.... to girly. Did enjoy the pattern however. Will probably donate it to Prayer Shawl Ministry.

My latest project is also Elizabeth Zimmerman for February a double knit pad for Warren Parker.

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