Sunday, September 20, 2009

Forever Projects

Busy, busy, busy. The County Fair is fast approaching with fifteen entries.

At the same time I am in the process of trying to catch up on some of my forever projects. Those things that grow slowly and get put aside for months. I am attempting the Master Knitters program Level II and trying to finish some projects that have been in the works.

One is a lace tablecloth/shawl that was started more than a year ago. I really need to concentrate when I work on that and it gets done in small increments. At present I am working on the finishing edge. I seldom get more than one or two patterns completed at a sitting.

I have also started a baby blanket for the Prayer Shawl Ministry. Using a size F hook and baby yarn it seems to go on and on. Although the pattern said it took one skein of each color I find that half way through I need to buy a second skein of blue. I found one on E-bay and it should get here soon.

An always socks, socks, socks to get ready for the church Bazaar coming up in November.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tough Spring

Although our weather has been gorgeous it has been a rough spring. Injuring my shoulder really played havoc with my gardening and my knitting. The weather has given us some lovely roses and one artichoke that missed the cooking pot.

I was able to start knitting within a very short time after my injury and this helped to keep me going and to heal. Bob was in charge of planting the garden and did a good job. We are now picking generous amounts of cherry tomatoes, cukes, basil and tomatillos.

I am slowing down on some of my charity knitting since I have over done that. I am still making scarves and lap robes for the Prayer Shawl Ministry but I am pulling back on Socks For Soldiers. I have apparently overstepped on making team socks and need to give others a chance at this.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Visitors Week

My latest cactus is blooming beautifully but this week has been a week for visitors! 

 We began with finding Eckoe as we finished our morning walk. We rushed her (?) home before my physical therapy and have been feeding and doctoring.
She is residing in the old rabbit cage until I am sure all the fleas are gone and she will use the litter box.

Then there was Petey the Pigeon. He landed on the porch and insisted on staying. We fed him a little flax seed, caught him and by going on line found a number to call. We gave them the numbers on his band and found we were talking to his owner who had released him the day before in Red Bluff heading for Simi Valley.  He stayed overnight feasting on popcorn and head out Monday morning.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Spring is just around the corner and the almond tree is in full bloom.

I have gotten busy with socks, socks, socks again. 
Also trying a new (old) technique of double knitting. I made a little pad for the newest great grandchild just to try out this type of knitting. 

I love the sock yarn and patterns I have been getting from Joslyn's Fiber Farm Sock of the Month.  I added a scallop to this really jazzy pattern in red and purple.
OD socks for soldiers and a couple of beanies for SFS. 

The shawls for my Prayer Shawl Ministry have suffered a bit.  
The latest one came out quite long but I like the color combinations. 

As usual knitting is often my salvation and keeps me busy on those days it is too cold to work out in the garden. 

Friday, February 06, 2009

We finally have rain and our sad old wooden fence blew down.
The year has begun with a lot of new projects. I am receiving a Sock of the Month from Joslyn's Fiber Farms again. Love the yarn and the patterns are interesting. Just finished the December Harlequin Socks. 

I am also working on EZ Fans which works from Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Knitters Almanac" with a different project for each month of the year. 
I started an Aran sweater (January) but it has been put aside temporarily while I tackled the February Square Blanket. I made a small one just to try it out and I love the pattern. May try it again in a larger version.

I tried a crochet afghan for Warren Parker, our newest great grandson, but I am not sure I like it for him.... to girly. Did enjoy the pattern however. Will probably donate it to Prayer Shawl Ministry.

My latest project is also Elizabeth Zimmerman for February a double knit pad for Warren Parker.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The year moves along and summer works it way into fall. I continue to knit and crochet all kinds of critters. I loved this little guy and he sold at the bazaar. I also made a turtle and a piglet. 

I had a brief fling with purses. Not too popular, but they were fun to make and used up some of the stash of oddball yarns.

And then there were the shawls, and lap robes for Prayer Shawl Ministry and for gifts to family. I especially enjoyed making the lacy pink beaded shawl.

 Then there are always the socks, socks, sock mostly going to Socks For Soldiers.