Monday, June 29, 2009

Tough Spring

Although our weather has been gorgeous it has been a rough spring. Injuring my shoulder really played havoc with my gardening and my knitting. The weather has given us some lovely roses and one artichoke that missed the cooking pot.

I was able to start knitting within a very short time after my injury and this helped to keep me going and to heal. Bob was in charge of planting the garden and did a good job. We are now picking generous amounts of cherry tomatoes, cukes, basil and tomatillos.

I am slowing down on some of my charity knitting since I have over done that. I am still making scarves and lap robes for the Prayer Shawl Ministry but I am pulling back on Socks For Soldiers. I have apparently overstepped on making team socks and need to give others a chance at this.