Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Winter's End

Prayer Shawl Ministry Scarf for Graduate
 It has been a rough few days this March.  My knitting and crocheting has helped me keep on an even keel. 
First the loss of my big sister. She had been ill for several years but it is always hard to let go.  Then our preemie Great Granddaughter, Sophia, lost her battle to survive.
Butin Collars
 Life goes on and I knit.
 I have been trying several smaller projects such as the Butin Collars. I have really been enjoying working with beads. Either stringing them order knitting them into socks, etc.

Bob has a cousin undergoing chemo (losing his hair) and he requested a red, white and blue cap. Luckily I had enough yarn in those colors to make one for him and two more for his grandkids. It was time then to make him a Prayer Lap Robe in red, white and blue which I will be sending off soon.

Richard's Lap Robe

 I am still knitting socks like crazy. I haven't had any legs from Socks For Soldiers lately but can't stop knitting socks. I love these purple Spiral Pattern socks.

For a quick change of pace I tried a bit of crochet and made Dew Drop Bracelet from Interweave Crochet.