Friday, February 20, 2009

Spring is just around the corner and the almond tree is in full bloom.

I have gotten busy with socks, socks, socks again. 
Also trying a new (old) technique of double knitting. I made a little pad for the newest great grandchild just to try out this type of knitting. 

I love the sock yarn and patterns I have been getting from Joslyn's Fiber Farm Sock of the Month.  I added a scallop to this really jazzy pattern in red and purple.
OD socks for soldiers and a couple of beanies for SFS. 

The shawls for my Prayer Shawl Ministry have suffered a bit.  
The latest one came out quite long but I like the color combinations. 

As usual knitting is often my salvation and keeps me busy on those days it is too cold to work out in the garden. 

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