Friday, February 20, 2009

Spring is just around the corner and the almond tree is in full bloom.

I have gotten busy with socks, socks, socks again. 
Also trying a new (old) technique of double knitting. I made a little pad for the newest great grandchild just to try out this type of knitting. 

I love the sock yarn and patterns I have been getting from Joslyn's Fiber Farm Sock of the Month.  I added a scallop to this really jazzy pattern in red and purple.
OD socks for soldiers and a couple of beanies for SFS. 

The shawls for my Prayer Shawl Ministry have suffered a bit.  
The latest one came out quite long but I like the color combinations. 

As usual knitting is often my salvation and keeps me busy on those days it is too cold to work out in the garden. 

Friday, February 06, 2009

We finally have rain and our sad old wooden fence blew down.
The year has begun with a lot of new projects. I am receiving a Sock of the Month from Joslyn's Fiber Farms again. Love the yarn and the patterns are interesting. Just finished the December Harlequin Socks. 

I am also working on EZ Fans which works from Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Knitters Almanac" with a different project for each month of the year. 
I started an Aran sweater (January) but it has been put aside temporarily while I tackled the February Square Blanket. I made a small one just to try it out and I love the pattern. May try it again in a larger version.

I tried a crochet afghan for Warren Parker, our newest great grandson, but I am not sure I like it for him.... to girly. Did enjoy the pattern however. Will probably donate it to Prayer Shawl Ministry.

My latest project is also Elizabeth Zimmerman for February a double knit pad for Warren Parker.