Sunday, September 20, 2009

Forever Projects

Busy, busy, busy. The County Fair is fast approaching with fifteen entries.

At the same time I am in the process of trying to catch up on some of my forever projects. Those things that grow slowly and get put aside for months. I am attempting the Master Knitters program Level II and trying to finish some projects that have been in the works.

One is a lace tablecloth/shawl that was started more than a year ago. I really need to concentrate when I work on that and it gets done in small increments. At present I am working on the finishing edge. I seldom get more than one or two patterns completed at a sitting.

I have also started a baby blanket for the Prayer Shawl Ministry. Using a size F hook and baby yarn it seems to go on and on. Although the pattern said it took one skein of each color I find that half way through I need to buy a second skein of blue. I found one on E-bay and it should get here soon.

An always socks, socks, socks to get ready for the church Bazaar coming up in November.

1 comment:

N. Maria said...

Did you get that skein from E-bay?
I hope your shoulder is better, too.
Maria H