Friday, March 07, 2008

The hat craze has continued. I was so thrilled to sell one of my hats to a chuch member, who had been admiring the ones I wear, that I went to town on some of my stash of 100% wool. She has asked for one in white so I have made two white hats, a cloche and one with a brim. I also crochet a beanie from some Thick & Quick yarn and made another large brimed blue hat.

The lovely Beaded Wrap, that I took a class on from ABC's of Creative Knitting, was completed this week also. It is spectacular and I may save it to enter in the County Fair.

I almost ran out of beads because TC (our cat) decided that the tiny bag of beads had something good in it. I found most of the beads but I think a few disappeared into the rug.


Rebecca said...

Hi, saw your blog on SFS.

Awesome hat & wrap! I would like to make a felted hat like that. I love cloche hats.

N. Maria said...

Carol, your beaded wrap is the most beautiful one I've seen!